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Professor Oscar J (Spider) Realmsworth

Covid-19 and Spidergate!

The Book ‘Spidergate’ reveals how we got this plague and pandemic called Covid-19 (Corona virus) among many other massive issues we must know how to deal with and stop, before they happen!  The book also shares how to discover what is going on and could be coming up, and to prevent these massive disruptive things happening in the future.

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The Most Dangerous Attributes of (R) Robotics-Robots, (AI) Artificial Intelligence & (CA) Complete Automation (RAICA (the acronym))

By Prof. Oscar J Realmsworth

RAICA! They each enable comprehensive exclusion of millions of Humans to the money stream generated by the automation they together augment as they merge into an exclusive Humanless workforce in their own controlled management of “things and people” – a management of powerful dictatorial absolutes of massive proportions where the majority of Humans will have no say but to obey. All designed so far by humans but certainly not for the benefit and riches of all humans – rather the income generated is just for a very small group of exclusive fortunate ones, who all are empowered by it to live above the law as we have seen by various Royal Commission in Australia and elsewhere. In the fallout of the GFC it is also very clear there are a number of individuals who have and so now, live above the law and that number is growing around the world.

Humans are now looking at “Social Engineering on a new, enormous, far-reaching scale”, to date unmeasured, due to its total possible comprehensiveness! RAICA up til now has been used to enable a few human beings to become the richest humans ever to be living on earth, having amassed mega billions of dollars of ever growing monetary riches for themselves thanks to the self-generating funding nature created by computer machines, software and their program developing algorithms.  Billions of Humans are spending billions of dollars on wraithlike computer driven cyber imagery and numerical digitations all held in the ethereal “icloud”.

This ability to reach millions of people without paying any one to join in to the controlled environment but rather the other way around – “people pay to join in and keep paying or they’ll be outed” – is indeed a modern day money machine of the highest order, delivering mega millions of dollars to a few humans who could never earn them hourly, or daily or yearly, or even in a number of decades, as to their personal value against time as measured in an eight hour day and this for First World workers only.  Third Worlders and others don’t get on the chart!

Nor do they deserve the mega millions simply because they are the end of the huge funnel of money flowing down to them merely because they beat many to the start and quickly excluded and killed off the others (competition) for their own good and the others evil!  

The philosophy: If you can touch the Human Heart, Humans will gladly give you their money – without even thinking. Place a reward to stay, a threat or penalty for withdrawing and Humans will give for life, often at great sacrifice such as sacrosanct personal privacy, for all to plunder! Wow! What a funnel to have! There are many funnels in life. “Pretend Love” is another great funnel that can capture the Human heart – “digital cyber love” is another as is “fear or hate” – that’s what social media is all about.

Humans part with their treasure so easily when touched at the heart of the matter they believe they must have, or become, and will fight over it even when it means they will lose! Things of value for most are very hard to qualify or define in a “World of Now” – I must have it now! I don’t care what it costs!

Nevertheless, if RAICA is initially augmented then continues to be set to serve Humanity, Earth and Nature together as a whole, enabling all to partake in the huge dividends and monetary profit – then it bodes well for all.

But if the massive profits continue to be funnelled to the often single or exclusive corporate owners and their families only, as so practiced to this day to the ongoing detriment of all Humans, Earth and Nature, then it bodes extraordinarily evil times ahead of unequalled earthly hell and torment for all, causing grievous social disruption and bodily harm as Humans endeavour to push back from the top vacuous greedy controlling moneyed few!

Automation will eventually prevent access to money for the majority of Humans on earth unless steps are taken to share the accumulated monetary proceeds. The funny thing is everyone will still be required to spend money they no longer get in order to have things such as food and water, use of roads and rail, participate in life, pay bank fees and mortgages, rent, contribute to local government, the tax man, all kinds of living expenses, services and utilities just to mention a few, all controlled and run by RAICA – no Humans needed!

Earning Money for skills and services will indeed for most be a social event of the past, as more and more humans are excluded from the workforce and service sector by the growing automated machine high-tech AI & CA.

RAICA allows (and indeed becomes the means of) very few Humans to amass vast amounts of revenue and income, huge unparalleled fortunes, by creating extraordinarily high levels of extreme profit just for themselves. Nonetheless, even the world’s top leaders and executives will all eventually come under its income reversion and elimination processes and so placed in the “No Longer Needed” file. It will only take “one Human” to write the code they will not be able to undo once AI in its evolving algorithmic ablution finds it, grabs it, and locks it in for life to ritually serve itself best!

In the future (this century), all executives and (eventually) board members, will also be non Human AI-Computing Machines with all decisions and adjustments to changing needs run by data analysed algorithmic computations 24/7. Just because you are a CEO or of other executive types, or board members, directors etc., is now no guarantee of your job/profession in the future being in human form with a paycheque or other dividends!

Governments, Companies, Corporations, Businesses will be made up of “a very small collective” of Humans with different but necessary contributions to oversee and control the automation and the AI to run everything and everyone. E.g.

1. Those with money will be the most important humans on earth in this new world.

2. Those with computing technological skills will be next for security and policing of intent, but will be the slaves of the people with the money or they will be removed.

3. Those with political power will be the unwanted but necessary drones as lobbyists to push this RAICA new world to the “Human Masses” on behalf of the “Moneyed Ones”.

4. Money will be the “governing body corporate” and its allocation decided by the need for self-perpetuation of the income stream cycle. Human expertise will not be required due to its extreme narrow mindedness.  Algorithms will need to be drawn from a far wider scope than presently found in the expertise of humans regardless of all top standards or portals of learning.

5. Due to computer digitisation of money via hidden and complicated source codes, spies and counter spies will be required in-house; indeed it will be a necessity, in the attempt to prevent ballooning human greed from secretly and surreptitiously syphoning off fiduciary streams of various levels and amounts of money for personal or another person’s benefits and other self-initiated spurious and bogus human “Ponzi Greed Schemes”.

This means then that for anything to survive it must have a circle or cycle of life much like nature. This is because for example; there are businesses today that only need a handful of humans to run worldwide enterprises due to automation, robots and AI. This form of accumulating money for a privileged few must be stopped immediately and the example of Nature used to share the riches, not just for human survival, nor for the purpose of only sustainability (as indispensable as that is), but for the wealth of all species so all may freely replenish and be in health – for everyone and everything!

It is now we need to move the Capitalist’s myopia of keeping all the income revenue and profit just for themselves (to the exclusion of all the humans they have removed from the money stream – placed them in a “Moneyless Prison”, in order to gain such massive amounts of money through what they call “Free Enterprise”), to both income and profit sharing initiatives for all the people, so they can source and pay for the goods and services now run by the Capitalists CA machines and their AI.

These same Capitalist, who themselves don’t work for a living, should stop pointing their fingers at the Humans they’ve put on the dole in order to take their salaries, wages and meagre weekly earnings for themselves through RAICA, all the while shouting at them to “go get a job you lazy bastards” and go to work themselves!

If RAICA is not here to serve: all Humans, all Species, all of Nature and Earth, and the riches gained remain with the few at the end of these massively forming vacuous tornado-like funnels of money – you need to take notice now – you won’t have an earth to live on!

All the money left on Earth, when all the living are dead and nature is gone, will not be enough for you to buy another Earth!

It is ever so much wiser and it will never be less costly than now, to ensure everything we as Humans do, that the rich (through no fault nor cause of their own making, except to take advantage of the billions of other Humans to amass their riches), must now pour it back into the mix of living Humans, Nature and Earth they got it all from. Humans have less than 20 years to decide and do this and less than 50 to complete it.

Prof. Oscar J Realmsworth

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Money and The Commonwealth Games??

The Media among others, including the organizers with their vested interests, made their money-millions out of the athletes who performed and competed at great personal cost for sundry medals as simple inexpensive prizes.

The medals are just “common-wealth” and they see the athletes as just “common-subjects” from which they make their millions, so there was no need to show such “commoners” in the closing ceremony!!

Australia has just witnessed  a new “Up-Themselves-Class”!

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Money Government

Money is the government of the world. Money Government may use differing forms of political persuasion from democracy to socialism to dictatorial mandates to capitalism and free market ideologies to one party states, but all arrive at the same end regardless of the different means all achieving the same results - control of the people by the defining power of confining money and its direction.

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Money Government

The New World Order of Government is Fiscal Order

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